Dr. Patricia Peticca



Dr. Patricia Peticca completed her post-secondary education in Toronto, and worked as a certified Kinesiologist prior to her pursuit of medicine. Dr. Peticca later completed her undergraduate medical training at the University of Ottawa, followed by a fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism. During her training, Dr. Peticca was the recipient of the Peter Garner Award for her research activities.  She has published several research papers to-date with a focus on gestational diabetes and PCSK9 levels in pregnancy. Dr. Peticca has also delivered numerous oral presentations at various annual conferences, including Diabetes Canada and NASOM.   
Dr. Peticca currently holds a full time community practice at LMC HealthCare in Ottawa, where she is also actively involved in research with LMC Manna. She also serves as a physician examiner with the University of Ottawa [Undergraduate Medical Education], and provides ongoing medical education through speaking engagements for other health care professionals.