Dr. Adam Telner


For over two decades Dr. Adam Telner has been an integral staff member at Queensway Carleton and Ottawa hospitals, where he was chief of Medicine (Queensway Carleton Hospital) and had a busy hospital and outpatient endocrinology practice. He is especially well known for his work with metabolic syndrome. In 2004 Dr. Telner established the Carling Metabolic Syndrome Clinic with a vision to reduce risk factors in people with metabolic syndrome in order to prevent diabetes and coronary disease.
Similar to our LMC multidisciplinary approach to patient care, Dr. Telner’s clinic provided lifestyle counseling, diet advice and medication to patients by a dedicated team including nurse, dietician and pharmacist. His multidisciplinary team has seen encouraging results, which were successfully reported at Endocrinology meetings and national and international conferences. The impact of his clinic on patient care has been highly recognized.
Dr. Telner joined LMC Endocrinology Centres in 2010 when he relocated to Toronto.